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Ferric Sulfate



Light Yellow Powder

Fe3+ Content (%):

19 Min.

Restore Substances ( Fe2+) Content%:

1.0% Max.

PH(1% water solution):


Insoluble Substances (%):

1.0 Max.








BLU Ferric Sulphate powder form is an effective coagulant, excellent for treating all kinds of drinking water, industrial water, wastewater and sewage, and phosphorus removal, struvite control as well as sludge conditioning.


1) High quality and efficient inorganic polymer coagulant.

2) Good coagulation function with thick flocs and fast sedimentation.

3) Excellent purifying effect.

4) Safe, reliable, nonpoisonous and harmless: doesn't contain any harmful substances such as

aluminum, chlorine, heavy metal ions, pesticide, and water phase transference of iron ions.

5) Can be used in discolouring, dehydrating, deodorizing, degreasing, sterilizing as well as

discarding heavy metal iron, radioactive substance and carcinogens in the water, and

eliminate COD, BOD, and color.

6) Can treat water with PH from 4 to 11, (the optimum pH is 6-9), PH barely changes after treatment,

and has little corrosiveness effect to the equipment

7) Has very good effect in purifying the river water with algae, low temperature and low urbidity,

and slightly contaminated.

8) Has a better effect in purifying the high turbidity river water



1.  Drinking water purifying.

2.  Sludge dewatering.

3.  Industry waste water treatment (such as the paper making waste water, the printing waster water, the massacre waste water, the automobile manufacturing waste water, the beer factory waste water and so on.),

4.  Many kinds of industry circulating water treatment (ex,the make-up water of the high pressure boiler in the heat and power plant, the industry waste water in biochemical treating factory, the waste emulsifying solution, the opalescent solution and the oil waste water.

5.  Clarifying agent in Sugar, Medicine, Tanning, Cosmetic etc

Mining water clarifying.







1.  Before using, dissolve the product in running water in the proportion of 10-30% to have red brown solution, then dilute it to dosing solution required for coagulation, the concentration of dosing solution is2 - 5% for drinking water treatment, and 5-10% for waste water treatment


2.  Optimum dosage: viewing the different property of raw water, it can be determined by the experiment. For the waterworks, you may refer the dosage of other flocculant operated before. Under the same conditions, its dosage is almost equal to the poly aluminum chloride, 1/3 - 1/4 of the solid alum .



Packed in inner plastics bags and polypropylene woven bags, with each bag containing 25kgs, or 1200kgs ton-bag on pallets.


Should be stored in original containers in cool and dry place, away from sources of water, heat and direct sunlight. Please refer Technical Data Sheet, Label and MSDS for more details and shelf life.






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