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Application of BWD-01 Water Decoloring Agent

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BWD-01 Water Decoloring Agent Application Case


1. Wastewater treated: dyeing wastewater with activated color and dispersing color, it is difficult to be treated by other water treatment products.

2. Treating process:

Dyeing wastewater -- treated by biotechnology--Dose BWD-01--dose PAC--dose PAM

3. Application Data

Dosage of BWD-01: 40-100 PPM

Dosage of PAC: 150 PPM

Dosage of PAM: 1 PPM

Waster water inlet

COD: 600 mg/l

Color: 250-300 times

Wastewater treated(outlet)

COD: about 100mg/l

Color: 40-50 times

4. Result

a. BWD-01 has good color removal and especially to red color, it can treat the wastewater to reach Chinese Standard.

b. In the practice application, apply with PAC and PAM together, it can get better result and it is more economic.

*Chinese color unit is time, it means how many times the water diluted by distilled water to reach no color.

*PAC – poly-aluminum chloride

*PAM – polyacrylamide anionic type

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