BLUWAT provide following special products for paper industry.


1, Retention agent and Disperse agent


2, White water recycle


3, Anionic trash catcher


4, Fixing agent

Water Treatment




BLUWAT are professional manufacturer in China for water treatment chemicals. We can supply following serial products to satisfy different demand in water treatment industry.




1,BWD series Water Decoloring Agent: Mainly used in textile, dyeing, paper industries as decolorant agent. Can remove color and reduce CODcr to save water treatment cost.




2, Blufloc Polyacrylamide: Flocculant for water treatment, drinking water, municipal waste water, industrial waste water, Sludge dewatering and thickening.




3, Blu coagulant: Coagulant for water treatment, Polyaluminium chloride, Ferric sulphate




1,Wash and precipitating agent for mining process or coal washing


2,Flocculant for setting(both liquid and solid form)


3,Mining reagents for flotation processes

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